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Professional Air Quality & Surface Testing Sampling for Mold Spores in Woodbridge, VA

If you have experienced water damage due to accidental flooding or flooding caused by natural disaster your indoor environment may be contaminated with mold spores which may not necessarily be visible to the naked eye. The knowledgeable experts at CSI Home & Commercial Services recommend mold testing to determine if you and your family members are at risk for any potential contamination. There are a number of ways that mold testing can be performed in your home or business including air and surface testing.

How Mold Testing Is Performed in Your Home?

In layman’s terms, mold testing begins with taking a sample of a surface or the air in a specified area. This testing will determine the type of mold present and its ability to multiple within the affected area.
Air Samples: air samples can be collected in a number of ways. One of the most common methods is called a spore trap. The spore trap works by allowing the air to pass through an area with an adhesive which traps the air as it passes through the devise. Any particles contained in the air including mold spores will essentially become trapped. The spore trap is then sent to a lab for testing and analysis. Upon arrival, the spore trap will be opened and the technician will apply a series of stains to identify the types of mold spores, if any found in the air.
Surface Samples: Surface samples can be collected in a number of different ways including: bulk samples, swab samples, and tape samples.
Bulk Samples: a small sample of the surface is removed and packaged to be sent to the lab for testing.
Swab Samples: just as the name implies, swab samples are collected using a swab (similar in appearance to a cotton swab) which can be rubbed in a predetermined area that has been measured beforehand before being sent to the lab for testing
Tape Samples: tape samples can be collected using a piece of tape that is pressed up against a surface to remove and collect particles. The tape is then sealed in a container and sent off for testing and analysis.

Professional Air & Surface Mold Testing

Once the samples arrive at the testing facility they will be transferred onto a glass slide before stain is added to determine the presence of mold and its subsequent growth rate. It is important to remember that once mold is visible to the naked eye it has already established a growth pattern within its life cycle. The key to testing air and surface mold is to determine the presence of microscopic mold spores before the environment and the occupants within are exposed. Air testing is one of the most effective ways to determine whether the presence of mold has spread through the air conditioning system and contaminated numerous areas within the structure. While mold sampling is primarily performed to provide a cross-section of contamination it can also determine which areas will need to be protected against cross-contamination.

Mold Testing & Home Health Services

To learn more about professional mold remediation services, contact the knowledgeable experts at CSI Home & Commercial Services today.

How to Prevent & Get Rid of Norway & Roof Rats in the Walls of Your Dale City, VA House

In general, rodents are able to adapt to living with or nearby people. They typically invade homes and businesses to escape poor weather conditions or in an effort to forage for food and water. Once they have moved, evictions are impossible without professional assistance. Rats are known carriers of different diseases and other ailments. As they forage for food and nesting materials, their fecal and urine deposits will contaminate the surfaces, including the food they feed from. Rats are fairly destructive. There are even documented cases where they gnawed through plastic and steel pipes to get to water. In any case, prevention and control is essential when it comes to dealing with the rats in Virginia. Management not only includes professional treatment but also sanitation practices, clutter removal, and other such preventative steps. With that in mind, we at CSI Home and Commercial Services would like to take the opportunity to discuss the two most common rat species in Virginia; Roof Rats and Norway Rats.

Norway Rats

These rats are typically found where people are and are known as the “big rats”. Including their tails, Norway rats can potentially reach 16 inches in length. In comparison to other urban rodents, these rats are fairly bulky. Even preferring to live around people, these rats still prefer the outdoor habitat and being that they are a burrowing rodent, depending on the protection of their underground burrows, are often found there. Ground levels of buildings, basements, and sewers are also other nesting sites. Despite their instincts to be more active during the night than during the day, living in areas where the population is great and the competition for food is a factor in whether their activities can be seen during the day. Norway rats are also fond of the garbage left behind by people and will devour what they can. Being omnivorous allows them to have options for meal time that include seeds, fruit, grains, meats, cockroaches and other refuse found around homes and businesses. Being on alert at all times, they are wary of any perceived threats, making them a challenge to remove for those without the proper training and effective products.

Roof Rats

Roof rats have a tendency to stick to warmer coastal areas but can be found inland as they stow away in cargo or shipping containers. These rats have other aliases that include ship rats, black rats, and house rats. Roof rats tend to be more active during the day than the night and though they are at ease living well off the environment outside, they will just as easily slip into homes and live in attics, ceilings, and wall voids to take advantage of the convenience of the food and water supply. These rats are known to gnaw through wiring, causing electrical circuit issues and even electrical fires.

Rat Rodent Control & Removal

No matter which rat is infiltrating your home or business in Virginia, call in the experts of CSI Home and Commercial Services to avoid property damage and ailments. Our experts will take care of the problem in a timely manner with efficiency.

How to Get Rid of Common House Mice Rodents in the Walls of Your Stafford, VA Home

Much like the Norway rat, the common house mouse is an old world pest that is believed to have come to America by hitching a ride on trade ships. The house mouse is active all year long but become increasingly more intrusive during the fall and winter seasons. When the cold sets in, and food and water become harder to find, you might begin to see an explosion of mice and rats. CSI Home & Commercial Services of Virginia will share more about the house mouse and how you can help keep them out of your home this winter.

Where Do Mice Live in a House?

The fur of the house mouse is short and can vary from brown, gray and black with a lighter under belly. Both the ears and the tail of a house mouse are hairless. House mice have a relatively large pair of eyes and ears. Despite their name, the house mouse is actually most often found in fields and in high grass areas. They are quite adventurous and like roaming their territory. Being field dwellers, house mice prefer nuts and seeds. However, they will eat just about anything when necessary.

What Attract Mice to a House, Apartment or Business Premises?

When fall sets in, house mice sense the change of seasons and know they will need to find a cozy place with a food source to hide out the winter seasons. This is the time of year when they will be becoming more desperate to invade human domains. Due to the sense of warmth and the smell of food, homes, businesses, and especially restaurants and groceries stores often see house mice attempting to enter their structures. House mice are small and often use gaps under doorways, through piping, and electrical lines to enter into homes and other structures.

How to Seal Entry Points & Prevent Mice

When controlling and preventing house mice from entering your home, you will want to use a cement mixing compound and seal all gaps that are the size of a pen or bigger. Preventing house mice from entering into your home is an important step. This step will also include repairing weather stripping or window screens on doors and windows. The second step in preventing mice is cleanliness. If no food or crumbs are left in places where mice can gain easy access to them, this helps to prevent mice. Additionally, keeping the inside and outside clean and tidy is another popular methods.

Mice Rodent Control & Removal

One pest control method used by professional pest companies is traps. Traps vary from snap traps, poisonous baits to bait and live capture traps along with sticky traps. Professional pest companies know the best and most effective placement of traps. If you’re struggling will a pest invasion, whether it be mice, rats or any other form of pest, contact CSI Home & Commercial Services of Virginia. We provide for seasonal pest control to help you combat each pest your home encounters. Contact CSI Home & Commercial Services of Virginia today!

How to Get Rid of Wasps & Nests in Fredericksburg, VA & Stop Stinging Insects Coming Back

Virginia is no stranger to wasps. They are found throughout the world, reminding everyone who threatens their nests of their existence. With the various stinging pests to into contact with, wasps are a nasty one. Unlike bees, wasps have the ability to deliver painful stings multiply times until the feel threat has been neutralized. We at CSI Home & Commercial Services would like to take the opportunity to discuss the wasps in Virginia.

Wasps Are Aggressive & Have Been Known to Fly in Your Face & Seemingly Sting for No Reason

Wasps can be social or solitary insects and when they belong to colony, they can be fairly aggressive to who or whatever they see as a potential enemy. If you have a problem with a wasp nest on your property, we recommend that you contact a professional to avoid any problems that can ensue. Like bees, their venom can cause allergic reactions and depending on your sensitive can be mild to severe. Throughout Virginia there are two wasps most common in the area; Yellow jackets and Paper Wasps.

Yellow Jackets Wasps

Yellow jackets wasps have thin bodies with a more defined waste in comparison to bees and reach up to 5/8” long. As their name suggests, their appearance is primarily a black body with yellow markings although some species may have white markings instead. Despite the mayhem they can cause, these wasps are actually considered beneficial as they eat and help control the population of beetle grub, flies, and other insects. Yellow jackets are often found scavenging trash and picnic areas looking for fish, meats, and sugary delicacies left over from human gatherings. Yellow Jackets will typically build their nests at ground level. They can be found in wall voids, around or under porches, in sidewalk cracks, and base of trees. Some yellow jacket species will also construct their nests off the corners of buildings, on hanging branches, or in bushes. Because yellow jackets are known to be fierce defenders of their colonies they will aggressively attack any perceived threat, but generally, they are not inclined to pick a fight with people. They are equipped with lance-like stingers that feature small barbs that deliver very painful stings that can also induce allergy symptoms.

Paper Wasps

In North America paper wasps have 22 species that grow to be between 3/4” and up to just over an inch long. They have dark brown bodies with yellow markings and black wings, but their colors can vary. Their nests are very paper like because it is constructed of plant materials and their saliva. Elaborate compartments are built to lay eggs and raise the young within the nests. They build these intricate nests in sheltered areas such as under door frames, eaves of structures, and window sills. Paper wasps aid in pollination by feeding off the nectar as well as feeding a variety of insects to the larvae, controlling populations. Paper wasps can deliver one of the most painful stings among wasps and will do so when they feel in danger or the nest is threatened. Just like yellow jackets, people can find themselves allergic to their stings. Finding their nest and removing it should strictly left to the professionals.

Stinging Insect Removal

If you have any wasps or other stinging insects close to your home or business, contact CSI Home and Commercial Services and let our experts help keep your loved ones safe. Contact us for all your pest control and home inspection needs.

Disease Spreading Asian Tiger & Yellow Fever Mosquito Prevention & Control in Manassas, VA

Mosquitoes have been roaming the planet for millions of years, pestering man with their blood pilfering crimes and leaving behind the itchy reminders. Virginia has its share of mosquitoes as most if not all of the locals can attest to. With so much going on with mosquitoes, we at CSI Home and Commercial Services would like to take the opportunity to expound on the mosquitoes in your background.

What Mosquito Species Transmit Zika Virus?

Circulating throughout Virginia are infected mosquitoes eager to bite and cause you to acquire the Zika virus. Primarily transmitted through mosquitoes, particularly the yellow fever mosquito as well as the Asian tiger mosquito, the Zika virus can be a concern. The Asian tiger mosquito is by far the most commonly seen in Virginia but both of these mosquitoes are here. During mosquito season in Virginia, the risk of being transmitted by local mosquitoes is possible.

Yellow Fever & Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Beginning in May, mosquito season is nigh and there is potential for our local yellow fever mosquitoes and Asian tiger mosquitoes to become infected with the Zika virus by biting infected persons who have returned from areas of Zika activity. Because they fly and bite during daylight hours and will enter homes through any open door or window and bite indoors, these two mosquito species are different from most other mosquito species in Virginia. Additional differences from other species is that they lay their eggs only in containers of water and they do not lay their eggs in bodies of water such as puddles, flooded ditches, ponds or streams.

Mosquito Prevention

Not only are the Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquito different in reproduction and daily habits, their prevention and control requires strategic tactics that branch off from the other mosquitoes. Locating and removing standing water from potential containers where bodies of water might accumulate such as; glass, metal, concrete, plastic, ceramic, wood, or stone where mosquito eggs are laid is essential. Comprehensive inspections of the grounds for all potential nurseries are the first in preventative maintenance. Ensuring homes and businesses are equipped with screens in prime condition on the windows and doors, especially the ones that are opened frequently are also ideal.

Other Diseases Caused By Mosquitoes

These mosquitoes that are more common in Virginia are not only threatening the locals with Zika; but other less common mosquito species can potentially transmit other mosquito-borne ailments as well. Other diseases can include West Nile virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, and La Crosse encephalitis. Additionally, diseases can also get imported into Virginia and mosquitoes can be vectors of tropical diseases like dengue and chikungunia.

Mosquito Control

When it comes to mosquitoes, it is important to take necessary precautions; mosquito repellents, protective clothing and above all, professional preventative and control services. With CSI Home and Commercial Services, we specialize in mosquito control. We can come to your home and business and assess the potential dangers that might attract mosquitoes. After a thorough inspection, we will present a customized solution to protect your property from these blood sucking pests.

Best Way to Treat for Eastern Subterranean Termites in Fairfax, VA; Termite Inspections & Professional Treatment

While termites are not harmful to humans, they are considered pests. Wood damaging pests that are responsible for over $5 billion dollars in damage repairs in the United States every year. The Eastern Subterranean Termite is the most common species of termite found throughout the United States. They are very small with their bodies about half the size of the head of a match. Termites are active across the state of Virginia and swarm during the day from February to May. The potential for termite damage is significant if you live in Virginia and areas that have higher chances of activity will require more control measures.

How to Do a Termite Inspection & Check for Termites

1. Look in the basement for signs of termites. Termites do very well in areas that have high levels of moisture. Basements are an ideal spot because they have a lot of wood for them to feed on, so make every effort to keep moisture levels low in the basement by using dehumidifiers to keep termites away.
2. Signs of termites in the garage. Garages are another area in homes that can contain high levels of moisture, clutter and wood for termites to thrive. Try not to store wood in the garage and make sure it’s sealed as best as you can.
3. Check landscaping around foundation of home. Nicely landscaped lawns look great but they can also provide habitats for termites. Check under rocks, timber and other areas that termites will thrive and piles of wood chips should be avoided or kept away from your home.

Signs You Have Termites; Swarmers, Discarded Wings, Mud Tubes, Frass & More

Vigilance is key in any war against termites because the damage can continue for long periods of time before you even realize you have a problem. They will make short work of your home in no time, so don’t let them get started in the first place. Preforming regular inspections is the first line of defense. Wood that sounds hollow likely means you have underlying termites. The presence of large groups of winged swarmers and piles of their wings left behind is another indication. The swarmers are attracted to light so you might find them indoors around light fixtures, windows, doors and vents. Paint that is cracked on wooden surfaces is another sign they have make their way into your home. Common areas that termites will use to get into your home are from beneath the surface of the soil, wood or by using their mud tunnels. Mud tubes found on the exterior of your home is another indication they are present along with wood colored droppings called frass that resemble sawdust. Be diligent when inspecting your home. It only takes a little bit of time but it will be time well spent when you consider the amount of money and damage saved from a termite infestation.

Termite Inspection & Treatmente

It can be hard to determine how termites got inside in the first place. This makes them very hard to control and because they have the potential to cause millions of dollars of damage to homes each year it’s imperative to use highly trained pest control specialists when dealing with termites. Contact CSI Home & Commercial Services for a termite inspection and to have a plan devised to rid your home of these wood destroying pests. Call us today!

Types of Beetles in Fredericksburg, VA; Identification of Powder Post & Old House Borer Beetles, Fabric & Pantry Pests

saw-toothed-beetle-wikiBeetles, (scientific name Coleptera) are the largest order of insects found throughout the world. Approximately 40% of all insect species are beetles and many of these can be found in the United States. Wood destroying beetles such as the powder post beetle and old house borers have been known to cause considerable damage to buildings and other structures. Other types of beetles including the black and varied carpet beetles, the saw toothed beetle, red flour beetle, cigarette beetle and drug store beetle cause damage to fabric and pantry products and are often referred to as fabric and pantry pests. One of the most notorious garden variety beetles is the Japanese beetle which can cause extensive damage to plants and trees. These are the most common species of beetles property owners in Virginia can expect to find in and around their homes and businesses. Many of these pests are cause for concern and require effective pest control and maintenance programs from your pest control specialists.

Types of Wood Boring Beetles; Powder Post & Old House Borers

Powder post beetles are known to infest virtually any item that is made from wood causing serious damage to structures. The larvae of the beetles live in and consume wood that is both dry and seasoned. Adult beetles are approximately 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch long and vary in color between grey and dark brown to black. The larvae of these beetles live in and consume dry, seasoned wood. Powder post beetles are known to infest hardwood furniture, window & door molding and hardwood floors. Beetles prefer conditions with high moisture contents that are poorly ventilated including garages and utility rooms. The infestation can then spread to other areas including walls, rafters and subfloors.
Old House Borers are 5/8 to 1 inch long, and black or brownish in color with shiny spots on their bodies that resemble eyes. They prefer softwoods particularly pine. The larvae feed on the wood before maturing in the spring. The full grown larvae can often be heard boring in the wood, making a rhythmic ticking sound that has been compared to the sound of a mouse gnawing.

Types of Pantry & Fabric Beetles; Varied & Black Carpet Beetles & Saw Toothed, Red Grain, Cigarette & Drug Store Beetles

Fabric and pantry pests can be found in virtually every home or business and while some of these pests are an occasional nuisance others can cause extensive damage to personal items, home furnishings and food products. Some beetles, including the varied carpet beetle and black carpet beetle feed on products containing animal proteins such as wool and leather. These types of pests are more often found in closets and storage areas as opposed to kitchens and pantries. Pantry pests including saw toothed beetles, red grain beetles, cigarette beetles and drug store beetles feed on plant materials including flour, grains, nuts, seeds, cereals, dried flower arrangements and tobacco. Both food and pantry pests are often brought home unintentionally from the store although fabric beetles can also be brought into the home or business from outside sources including trees and shrubs surrounding the property. Once inside fabric beetles can lay eggs on woolen carpets and other fabric items often causing extensive damage. If you find insect activity repeatedly in a closet or pantry, the evidence points to a pest problem.

Wood Boring, Fabric & Pantry Beetle Inspections, Prevention & Control

If you have a problem with wood boring, fabric or pantry beetles in your Virginia home or business, contact the knowledgeable experts at CSI Home & Commercial Services and ask about our comprehensive pest control treatment, prevention and maintenance programs designed to rid your home of unwanted pests.

Where Do Roof Rats Live During the Day & Night in Manassas, VA? Roof Rat Infestation Identification & Control

roof-rats-wikiRodents certainly have been a plague on man for centuries. They have been known to adapt very well to their surroundings whether it is outside or inside. Rats are harmful to your health as they spread disease, germs, and bacteria as well as causing costly damages while foraging for food, water, and nesting materials. Their gnawing and scratching can destroy structure, utility lines, and your property fast. One of the more common species of rats in Virginia is Roof Rats and today, we at CSI Home and Commercial Services would like to take a closer look at them to help you gain a better understanding.

What Do Roof Rats Look Like?

A roof rat’s body will generally grow between 6” and 8” and the tail is an additional 7” to 10” long. Weighing between 5 and 12 ounces, roof rats are typically an assortment of colors such as blends of black, brown, variations of gray, whites, and blacks. Their fur is often smooth and soft to the touch. The roof rat’s muzzle is pointy and they have large eyes and ears of which are nearly furless.

Where Do Roof Rats Live During the Day & Night?

Roof rats have an incredible ability to climb and traverse the roof tops of buildings and power lines, hence their name. They often find their way into your home business by gaining entry to the buildings by damaged vents, utility lines, or other deteriorating areas on the rooftop. Outdoors, the roof rat will frequently nest above ground, in trees and in other dense vegetation. Indoors they frequent attic spaces, the area just above ceilings, behind walls, and in the top areas of cabinets.

Where Are Roof Rats Found?

Roof rats are scattered throughout the United States, but are more heavily concentrated around the coastline, especially near seaports. More often than not roof rats are intruding the homes and businesses in an effort to find food, water, and to escape extreme weather conditions. With their highly adaptable and clever ways, they are able to elude humans. With increased reproductive activities, roof rats can be difficult to contain without professional assistance.

Best Ways to Prevent Roof Rats

In effort to help homes and business avoid roof rats from intruding in their property, we at CSI Home and Commercial Services have compiled a concise list you can do minimize their intrusions.
– Evaluate the roof and repair or replace any missing, damaged, or loose roof shingles and ensure the chimney, if applicable, has a tight fitting cap.
– Check all the outdoor trash cans and ensure their lids are closed and secure. Keep them stored a fair distance away from your home or business. Wash them out periodically.
– Maintain bushes and trees by keeping them pruned and trimmed away from the house.
– Caulk and/or weather strip windows and doors as needed.
– Inspect the vents and ensure they have tight fitting covers on them.
– Keep human and pet food sealed in air tight containers and avoid leaving food debris out for long periods of time.

Roof Rat Control

If you suspect roof rats are infesting your home or business in Fairfax, Manassas, Fredericksburg or surrounding communities of Virginia, contact CSI Home and Commercial Services and we will do the rest.

How to Identify & Control Odorous, Carpenter & Little Black Ants in Fairfax, VA

Ants are a common pest during the warmer summer months, and people want to know what they are dealing with. Ants are not a real threat to people because they are so small the bite doesn’t pack enough potency to have a big impact. The bite can leave with an irritated and itchy spot on someone that is unlucky enough to get in their path. There are many types of ants around the area that cause trouble for people. Although most ants like their life outdoors they are not going to pass up a free meal from a home that has a pile of crumbs to choose from. If you want to know what ants might be disturbing your home we have compiled a list to help.

CSI Home & Commercial Services Lists the Most Common Ants Found in Virginia

carpenter ant wikiCarpenter Ants: This is a special ant that is different than all the other species due to the extensive damage it causes. The ant actually causes some serious damage to homes because of the area they like to tunnel and nest in. Just like the name suggests, the carpenter ant chooses to chew through the wood beams in your home to find a place to nest. This is where they cause damage. They are similar to a termite in the damage they cause but the big difference is they don’t ingest and eat the wood they just chew through it so they are still looking for actual food. These are two of the reasons carpenter ants are found in homes; the wood and crumbs that are readily available.
Odorous Ants: This is an interesting ant in that they are pretty small; only coming in about 1/8th of an inch fully grown. Odorous ants are normally a brown coloring and live in a large colony. Another way to identify this type of ant is when they are smashed they give off an odor that is similar to rotted coconut. This can be a nasty smell to have around your home which is why it is better to have a professional company deal with them if they get into your home. The reason they are in homes is often due to the size of the colonies. It is hard to keep enough food when the colony can reach up to 100,000 members. Odorous ants are constantly in search of food and can find it near trash cans and in houses.
Little Black Ant: The name of this type of ant really says it all. The ant is little and black in color reaching about 1/16th of an inch in total length. They have a small two node segmented body and a very small stinger. The colonies tend to stay fairly small and that makes them easy to leave and travel to a new location when they find food or they are disturbed in any way. Little black ants are known to get in kitchens and bathrooms in search of food and water as well as a place to stay.

Professional Ant Control

No matter what kind of ants you find in your home, call CSI Home & Commercial Services to have them treated today.

Need for Visual Bed Bug Inspections in Fredericksburg, VA; Signs & Detection of Bed Bugs in Your Home or Business

bed bug featured imageThe presence of bed bugs is rapidly on the rise and many homeowners are realizing that bed bugs are not just limited to hotels. CSI Home and Commercial Services specializes in visual bed bug inspections, alerting homeowners of any bed bug problems that may be occurring throughout their home. Bed bugs are excellent at staying hidden from the human eye during the day and only come out at night when people are sleeping. Our experienced technicians know where bed bugs like to hide throughout a home. We will perform a thorough visual bed bug inspection to start the process of making your home a bed bug free environment.

Bed Bugs are One of the Most Difficult Pests to Get Rid of

Once bed bugs have successfully gained access into your home, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Many homeowners do not even realize they have a bed bug problem until it has grown into an enormous infestation. Bed bugs hide in areas like furniture, creases of bed sheets, carpet fibers and mattresses. They are really great at keeping out of sight, and have often been compared to the appearance of an apple seed. Bed bugs are small, flat and dark in color, allowing them to successfully hide from the human eye. The experts at CSI Home and Commercial Services know exactly where to look for bed bugs throughout your home and will pin point the exact location of bed bugs during the visual inspection. Do not let bed bugs wonder freely around your home, contact CSI Home and Commercial Services today and schedule a visual bed bug inspection.

There are Many Signs that Indicate Bed Bug Infestations in Your Home

You may not think that bed bugs are inside of your home, but there a handful of signs that indicate otherwise. The number one sign that bed bugs are inside of your home is waking up with bites all over your body. Bed bugs are nocturnal and wait for you to fall asleep so they can sink their jaws into your skin and suck your blood. These bites leave irritating welts behind and they are often found in lines of three to four bites. The bite of a bed bug is rarely strong enough to wake someone from their sleep, so it is normal to sleep through a bed bug sucking out your blood. Other signs that bed bugs may already be inside of your home include bed bugs themselves, small blood stains on your bed sheets, empty bed bug body casings found on your bed or floor and a foul odor that bed bugs leave behind. The odor is sometimes described as musty or moldy.

Bed Bug Inspections, Prevention & Control in Fairfax, Manassas, Fredericksburg and the State of Virginia

If you notice any of these signs throughout your home, contact a professional from CSI Home and Commercial Services today and schedule a visual bed bug inspection immediately.