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Home Energy Tune-uP

Tune up(1)

Did you know that having a home energy tune-up can save homeowners an average of 25% on their energy bill? Not only does an energy tune-up make your home more energy efficient, but can also save you up to $450 a year in energy costs! For most home owners, the key to improving energy costs is ensuring your home has the proper amount of insulation. The US Department of Energy estimates that 80% of homes are not properly insulated! In addition to saving money on energy bills and being energy efficient, maintaining insulation can also prevent pest infestations.

Our professional technicians can help you determine which energy saving improvements would be most beneficial for your home and can estimate the potential savings you will incur from each upgrade. Energy upgrades can also increase the comfort of your home by preventing drafts and balancing temperature control and implementing energy efficient upgrades to your home can also increase your home’s value. Ensuring your home is properly insulated will not only save money on energy bills but could also qualify you for an energy tax credit.

Aside from adding insulation to a home, other energy efficient upgrades include installing energy efficient windows or installing solar film or shades to windows, adding solar panels or other solar energy technology, switching to alternative green power sources and installing energy efficient appliances.

How Home Energy Tune-uP® Can Help Homeowners and Home Buyers
The Home Energy Tune-uP® Has Four Easy StepsStep 1 INSPECTION

One of our certified energy inspectors performs an inspection to discover all possible money saving efficiency opportunities.


Our unique software creates a report which shows savings and costs for energy efficiency improvements. Our system also will provide recommendations on other ways to save more energy and reduce energy costs.


The report provides access to a database of contractors, a direct line to an energy expert, and access to other energy products and services.


Our report will include a list of the improvements that, when financed, will save more than they cost. We will include additional information on the Streamlined (k) Limited Repair Program by which home buyers and homeowners can finance up to an additional $35,000 into their mortgage for energy-efficiency improvements identified by their home inspector.


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