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Who Needs a Home Inspection

Who Needs a CSI of Virginia Home Inspection in Virginia? Every person buying a home, every person selling a home and every professional involved in a residential real estate transaction benefits from a home inspection.

With a HomeSafe home inspection, the prospective buyer can feel confident in making a decision about the biggest investment they’ll likely ever make. Our specially trained inspectors put advanced technology to work for you when you really need it – before you make the purchase – in order to spot problems or potential problems that may cost you a lot of money weeks, months or years down the line.
A CSI of Virginia home inspection also gives the seller a marketing advantage: the ability to declare the house “problem-free.” Even if repairs have to be made, the inspector’s stamp of approval may speed up the sale.

Finally, a CSI of Virginia inspection benefits real estate agents, insurers, attorneys and others involved in the sale. These parties bear an obligation to reveal flaws or potential flaws in a home, but they’re not experts in home construction. A HomeSafe inspection goes a long way toward helping these parties meet their disclosure requirements. And a positive report can help better facilitate and expedite the sale.

CSI of Virginia’s Home Inspection and Testing Services

The Most Advanced Home Inspection in the World! Thanks to our advanced technology, CSI of Virginia offers a one-of-a-kind approach to the home inspection process. This process combines a traditional visual inspection with a high-tech procedure unmatched by any other home inspection company in the world

I. The HomeSafe Advanced Infrared Inspection

Your CSI of Virginia inspector begins with a thorough examination of the home’s walls, ceiling, floors, plumbing and wiring. Differences in temperature show up as thermal variations which provide the inspector with crucial information that could range from energy loss and electrical problems to water damage, roof and pipe leaks and structural challenges.

The HomeSafe Infrared Sensor screens for:

  • Internal structural problems
  • Roof and ceiling leaks
  • Moisture concerns
  • Heat loss
  • Termites and other insects
  • Insulation deficiencies
  • Pipe and duct work leaks
  • Rats, mice or other pests

II. The Complete Visual Inspection

The HomeSafe inspector follows with a traditional (visual) home inspection, paying special attention to the warning signs detected in the infrared scan. During this process the inspector investigates “suspicious” areas, as indicated by the infrared scan, and seeks to identify and confirm the problem or problems.

The Complete Visual Inspection process includes:

  • Electrical
  • Exterior
  • Structural
  • Interior
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Fireplace
  • Cooling
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation

III. The HomeSafe Acoustic Termite Inspection

In many cases, the “suspicious” areas may be the result of termite activity. If the visual inspection does not provide a likely explanation for a problem detected in the infrared inspection, your Servitors inspector next employs the HomeSafe Acoustic Listening Sensor to confirm the presence of termites and pinpoint their exact location for treatment.

HomeSafe’s Listening Sensor:

  • Will confirm termite or other pest infestation
  • Is more than twice as effective as traditional termite inspection techniques
  • Is completely non-destructive, fast and efficient
  • Minimizes chances of human error in detection

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