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Signs of Termites a Termite Inspection Looks For in Stafford, VA; Swarmers, Mud Tubes & More

Most are familiar with the notorious damage these insects inflict as termites are such a problem in Virginia.  In damage to buildings and structures a year, there is an estimated $50 billion due to termite infestations. Before you ever realize termites have infested it, these troublesome pests can cause extensive damage to your home or business.  They can be a challenge to detect, especially if you do not know what to look for. Termites consume wood from the inside out.  A termite inspection by a trusted professional is more than optimal whether you are looking to buy a new home, suspect termites have invaded, or heard of an infestation close by.  The general basics of a termite inspection is what we at CSI Home and Commercial Services would like to cover.

Termite Swarmers

Reproducing termites will branch out to start new colonies after a colony is well-established.  Following a few years, an established colony will produce winged reproducing kings and queens’ termites.  To start new colonies during the spring, these sexually matured adults will fly off.  The wings are shed, and they begin multiplying once termites select a new area.  A sure sign of termites is noticing them flying about or finding the discarded wings. Commonly found along windowsills are the swarmers and/or their wings. A trained professional can better recognize the intruders, there several ant species that matches this behavior, however. 

Wood Damaged by Termites

When the termites are infesting the wood currently, professionals can see any distinguishable evidence on the surface of wood though many untrained people do not notice.  Check for hollow wood, or the deep parallel grooves from excavation work, that suggests termite-damaged wood, professionals look for the crusts of dirt from where they packed the galleries with mud.

Termite Mud Tubes

Termites frequently seal small gaps with dirt to increase their comfort.   For any crusted dirt in the small holes or cracks, professionals will inspect concrete, sheetrock, mud crammed into construction joints, and even wood to look. As they look for them during the inspection should you find these mud tubes first, immediately call a professional.   Along your foundation, in the attic, and any other entry points to your home, the general areas inspected are crawlspace, generally.  Constructed with soil, wood cellulose and other debris are the mud tubes.  Avoid potential threats and maintain the humidity levels, the require these protective tubes to get to the wood. 

Termites in Landscaping

They can destroy your landscaping, and easily get to your home, termites are not just a problem once they get inside your home or business.   In addition to wooden structures, like decks, arbors, sheds, and playsets that can all be infested with termites; wood mulch, firewood, wood fencing, fallen dead trees or stumps can too.  If you stumble across it first, call in the pros.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

If you suspect termites or simply want preventative measures, professionals of CSI Home and Commercial Services are very thorough during a termite inspection can be of assistance. To schedule your termite inspection, call us today.