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Where Do Cockroaches Go in the Winter in Stafford, VA & How to Get Rid of Roaches

For many pests, winter can be challenging, and this include cockroaches.  These cold-blooded pests cannot survive environments that are too hot or too cold, though they are adapted to thrive in warm temperatures.  When exposed to colder temperatures, usually consistently below 45 degrees, for extended periods of time, some species stop growing and reproducing. However, most often in our homes and offices, roaches will seek out shelter in warm places, as temperatures drop.  With everything they need to survive the winter, these buildings provide warmth, access to water, and an abundant food supply.  When it comes to roaches, prevention is in your better interest.  Today, we at CSI Home & Commercial Services would like to offer recommendations to prevent cockroaches from taking over your home as we endure the winter.

Clean House to Keep Cockroaches Away

Be certain to always wash dishes after a meal and put them away since cockroaches are attracted to dirt and crumbs as a food source.   Promptly clean up any crumbs and spills.  Before going to bed, take out the garbage.    From your stovetop, remove any grease.  In airtight containers, store your food and any pet food.  On a regular basis, sweep, mop, and vacuum.   Avoid leaving any pet food, treats, and water out overnight. 

Eliminate Clutter where Roaches Hide

Get rid of places roaches can use to hide by clearing out clutter.  Dust often, keep rooms clutter free.   Take advantage of plastic storage bins with lockable lids versus cardboard boxes.  Roaches love to breed in these materials it is best to eliminate newspapers and cardboard altogether.  

Home Sealing for Pest Control

Through cracks and under doors is how roaches infiltrate homes.  You can help remove points of entry for cockroaches and other pests by ensuring you identify and seal these areas.  Around holes used for utility and plumbing lines, in attics and crawlspace vents, around windows and doors, along with the foundation and the roof need to be thoroughly inspected.   Use caulk to seal the small holes and cracks.  Utilize steel wool and foam to seal, especially around pipes for larger holes. To seal around attic vents and chimneys, fine mesh wire can be used.

Repair Leaks to Prevent Cockroaches in Your Home

In order to survive, cockroaches, like most pests, need water and moisture.  Unfortunately, standing water or excessive moisture can attract roaches inside your home.  Routinely inspect your plumbing for leaks and repair them promptly.  For leaks and excessive moisture, be certain to check faucets, refrigerators, sinks, and appliances.  A common source of excess moisture in homes is the crawlspace.  To help minimize moisture under your home, consider crawlspace enclosure.   

Cockroach Control 

A cockroach infestation can be extremely challenging.  Prevention can only go so far in combating roaches. Contact a professional pest control professional who can help identify the species of cockroaches you have, perform a comprehensive inspection of your home to locate points of entry or food sources, as well as assist you with a comprehensive roach control treatment and prevention plan in the event you suspect you have a problem with cockroaches in your home. The professionals of CSI Home & Commercial Services are readily available to help you with cockroach infestations as well as preventing them. Call us today!