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Customer Testimonial 1


I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the tremendous job you
did for our home inspection in Springfield, VA.  Because of your
dilligence, we were able to have the sellers repair all of the items
that you noted.  I’ve reccommended your services to other homebuyers
in the area.

I was interested to know if you can recommend any plumbers in the
Springfield, VA area.  More specifically, I’m looking to install a
back-up sump pump and want a professional set of eyes on the work.
If you have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

Take care,

Chris Geiger

Customer Testimonial 2

He is needing another paid reciept sent to him for the lead test you did for him. He also wanted me to pass on that he will be referring clients your way from now on. He is very pleased with how you completed this inspection for him.


Customer Testimonial 3

This is a great report. Love the pics. Thanks again!

Charlie and Lisa

Customer Testimonial 4

Complete termite and physical inspection of a house we would like to buy.

Our real estate agent contacted CSI to perform the home inspection on a house we would like to buy. This house is a forclosure, so we were very interested in making sure that the inspection would be as thorough as possible. They were great! The inspection took about three hours, and in addition to work checks and visuals, they also used infra-red cameras to detect leaks, malfunctioning sockets, and pests. They also used detectors to check for moisture and mold rather than poking holes in walls. After the inspection was complete they gave me a complete rundown verbally and answered my questions about the issues the house was having. The report they issued was absolutely full of information and easy to read. In addition, pictures were included that had the problem areas identified and clearly marked out. They even gave us t-shirts when they left!

Testimonial 5

Thank you sooo much!!

Again, I need to say, I have been working with mainly one inspector, And he
is good, but you and your technology are truly fantastic. I have always
given your company’s number out to my clients, ever since you came to my
office, but I never truly explained the value of your service to justify the
price difference. I told you about my client with the mold in their
basement. They are kicking themselves in the butt now, but truly I should
have explained the benefit of your service to them better. I will continue
to offer two numbers, but I will strongly recommend you and will always use
the unfortunet experience of my clients as a testament to the value of your

“You get what you pay for.”

Thanks again!!

Danielle Dojcak
Exit Realty Talbot and Company