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Home Inspections

CSI of Virginia combines thermal imaging (infrared) and acoustic (listening) sensors that can actually see and hear through a building’s walls, ceilings and floors. Using this technology, your CSI of Virginia home inspector can spot problems or potential problems that would likely go undetected in an ordinary visual inspection.

The Infrared Sensor Screens for:

  • Internal structural problems
  • Moisture concerns
  • Termites and other insects
  • Pipe and duct work leaks
  • Roof and ceiling leaks
  • Heat loss
  • Insulation deficiencies
  • Rats, mice and other pests

Home Inspections Using Advanced Infrared and Acoustic Technology

An infrared camera measures surface temperature and creates images that trained inspectors can use to diagnose hidden problems.

Hidden problems detected:

  • Water leaks/moisture problems
Insulation problems
  • Electrical Hot spots
  • Evidence of rodents
  • Evidence of termites
  • Mold

Home Buyers- Protect your investment, gain peace of mind

Home Sellers- Find and fix problems before the sale

Real Estate Professionals- Avoid last-minute surprises

Take advantage of the world’s most advanced home inspection technology