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Termite Management

Termites have the potential to cause significant structural and financial damage to a home or commercial building. Many species of termites, such as Subterranean and Formosan, make their nests in the soil under the foundation of a property, allowing them to infiltrate a structure and cause destruction without home or business owners being aware of their presence. Once a termite infestation has been established within the walls of the property, substantial damage can be caused without physical evidence on the exterior and can potentially threaten the building’s structural integrity.

Termites feed on plant material such as wood, cotton fabrics, soil, and plant litter. Termite survival depends on finding edible material to support the colony. By moving out from their colony, they tunnel through the soil in search of moisture and food. Once termites have infested a structure, they not only damage the wood, but can also destroy carpets, furniture, cloth, books and other cellulose materials.

Termites Swarming Near WindowTermite colonies can vary in size, but typically a mature termite colony contains several hundred termites, with some colonies containing thousands. As a colony reaches maturity, usually in the springtime, swarms of winged termites can be seen around the windows and doors of an infested structure. Identifying these swarms is one of the best ways to tell if a property has a termite infestation. There are steps that home and business owners can take to help prevent termite infestations, such as eliminating moisture problems by removing any unnecessary standing water, repairing leaks and keeping water away from the foundation as well as removing potential food sources such as wood piles, plant litter, and other debris from the foundation of the structure.

Although there are preventative measures that can be taken against termite infestation, if you suspect your home or business may be infested with termites do not hesitate to call CSI to receive a termite inspection. Our licensed and experienced technicians have years of implementing an integrated approach to termite control and have various treatment options available. We can also answer any questions you may have about termite pest control and can schedule an appointment to ensure that any termites in your property are effectively eliminated.

Termite Treatment Options

  • Bait trap placement around the yard and foundation
  • Soil treatment by trenching and rodding
  • Local drill and treat under attached slab from outside
  • Tent Fumigation
  • Soil Treatment between porch\stoop
  • Treat entrances of bath traps and utility lines in slab
  • Long rods may be used under slabs if there are interior features, such as bathtubs, to treat under other obstructions