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Bed Bug Basics in Fredericksburg, VA; Where Bed Bugs Hide During the Day, Signs of Infestations & More

Many homes and businesses were inflicted with bed bugs, prior to WWII. Bed bugs were nearly eradicated by hard-working scientist was able to develop an effective pesticide just after the war ended. For a short while, bed bugs were mostly known from children’s rhymes. Unfortunately, in recent decades, bed bugs have made a comeback. Because of easy world traveling options, bed bugs have been able to spread rapidly. You need an expert to fully eliminate the bed bug population from your home or business because they immune to prior treatments, along with the hazardous chemicals being banned. Today, we at CSI Home & Commercial Services of Virginia.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Due to their tiny stature, bed bugs elude homeowners. An adult only gets to be about the size of an apple seed. Being light brown in color bed bugs have flat, oval-shaped bodies. They may look reddish and will appear engorged following a feeding, however. The only distinction is that a female bed bug’s abdomen is rounder where the male’s abdomen comes to a point because both male and females look similar. Neither sexes can fly, but they both have wing pads.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day?

Bed bugs are usually only active at night and come out to feed, being nocturnal. Though they will choose any warm-blooded animal if absolutely, necessary humans are their preferred food source. These blood sucking insects are often found in the bed or surrounding it, presenting the name “bed bugs”. To hide out, pests look for secure places including crevices, nooks, cracks, and holes in beds, other furnishings, walls and other objects. In bedding, mattress, box springs, linens, headboard, and frames as well, bed bugs are commonly found. Usual places they reside in as their numbers grow are behind picture frames as well as under floorboards, baseboards, power sockets, light switch plates, other furniture, in alarm clocks, and other similar places.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel?

Until they are able to find a host, bed bugs are transported unknowingly and will roost in public places. Airplanes, trains, and other public transportation are easily infested by bed bugs in addition to hotels, motels and other means of lodging. Basically, any public venue is equally susceptible such as medical facilities, offices, and movie theaters. Unfortunately, bed bugs can easily be brought home in luggage, backpacks and other bags as well as in used furniture and visitors unknowingly bringing them directly into your home.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

Noticing you have an infestation can be challenging if you don’t know the signs. A few common signs of bed bugs are as follows.
– Blackish or brown bed bug fecal matter. It will absorb and stain on porous surfaces, and nonporous surfaces their feces will mound up.
– Due to the blood that spilled after they detached, rusty red stains adorning your sheets.
– In alignment on exposed skin, such as your arms, red, itchy, and sometimes inflamed bite marks show up.
– Bed bugs will evolve in the various stages and shed their skin as they cycle through their life which will lead you to find small little remnants on your bed or in close proximity.

Bed Bug Inspection & Treatment

If you suspect bed bugs in your Virginia home or business, call in the professionals of CSI Home & Commercial Services of Virginia and our specialists will assist you.