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Spring Lawn Care in Woodbridge, VA; Yard Cleanup, Mulching, Overseeding & More

To maintain a green lush turf for your Virginia property, lawn care is essential and to start the season, you want to take care of spring maintenance.  Your lawn can be healthy and green with your efforts as well as professional lawn care services.   Today, we at CSI Home and Commercial Services would like to offer some guidance on spring lawn care.  

Early Spring Lawn Care

Yard Cleanup.  Clean up the accumulating twigs, branches or other debris that has built up over winter from your lawn. Rake up dead grass and such, and properly dispose of them.  Prevent weeds and repair bare boss.   Though it is better to do so until grass is at ideal length, make certain to water newly seeded areas daily for at least a week. Do not mow the new grass until it is at least 2 inches high.  To eliminate the weeds and stimulate grass growth, apply the appropriate fertilizers.  Always follow the label’s directions if you apply product to fertilize the grass and destroy the weeds.  

Tune-up Lawn Mower. Air filter, spark plug, and oil should be replaced.   Clean the top and undercarriage, removing dirt and grass clippings-just be sure to detach the spark plug wire before working around the cutting blade.   Brush away dried grass after lifting the one side.   If the grass hardened, you could loosen it with a hand trowel or putty knife.   Make sure the blades are sharpened, however if there are large nicks or gouges, have the blades replaced.   Top off the fuel tank.  If necessary, you can hire a shop to help tune-up your mower if necessary.

Mow High. Adjust the mower deck to cut grass at the highest possible setting for your lawn’s type of grass.   With about a 3- to 4-inch blade height, corresponding to a mower’s highest setting is where most turf types thrive.  

Flower Bed Edging. In early springs, soft soil makes edging beds a cinch.  Cut a 2- to 3-inch deep, V-shaped trench along beds with a sharp garden spade or half-moon edger to keep grass out.  Maintain this edge with a string trimmer throughout the growing season.  If you’re refreshing existing trench edges in spring by digging out soil or mulch that has filled the trench, toss weed-free material onto planting beds as mulch or add it to your compost pile.  

Mulching.  Wait until soil has warmed to refresh mulch.   Mulch provides vibrant year-long color and helps help prevent weed growth by blocking access to the sun.   Add a 2- to 3-inch layer but around your plants, but on top of them.

Late Spring Lawn Care

Repair Bare Lawn Spots.  Until it becomes high enough to mow at least 2 inches tall, continue watering newly seeded areas daily.   You can mow the area once it gets to the appropriate length.

Overseed Lawn.  You can thicken a thin lawn by over-seeding.   Make sure to properly seed, fertilize and water the grass daily for at least 2 weeks. 

Remove Dandelions & Grubs from Lawn. All while feeding your grass to build strong roots, be certain to clear out dandelions and clove.   You can feed the lawn while killing the late weeds with the right applications.   Late spring is the time that hibernating grubs in the lawn begin to crawl toward the surface to chew grass roots before turning into beetles and flying off to find mates. 

Professional Lawn Care Services

By providing quality lawn care, CSI Home and Commercial Services can Improve the appearance and value of your home.   In addition to eco-friendly fertilization and weed control, treatment for disease and lawn insects as well as core aerations, we provide complete inspections and soil analysis to maximize the health and appearance of your lawn.  Call us today to get started!