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When Does Mosquito Season End in Fredericksburg, VA? October! Best Way to Control These Pests

The sound of a buzzing mosquito whipping past your ear is annoying. Added to that is the fact they can be dangerous to your health because they can carry the Zika virus along with other mosquito-borne issues. If you discover you have a large mosquito problem, you’re already behind the eight ball because the best way to control mosquitoes is to prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place. It’s always important to use repellents to keep mosquitoes away, but there are also ways to make your yard less appealing for them.

Best Ways to Control Mosquitoes on Your Property

1. Remove standing water. This is the best way to control mosquitoes because mosquitoes will use standing water to breed. The still water is very inviting, and they can breed in standing water that is only half an inch deep. These areas need to be removed. Puddles and small ponds are obvious ones but consider old tires, toys, buckets, bird baths, clogged gutters and plant bowls.
2. Mow tall grass and trim shrubbery. These are areas that mosquitoes like to hang out and rest. Your yard may seem like it’s free of mosquitoes until you get to parts that have long grass. Walking in long grass stirs them up, co make sure your grass is cut to 5 inches or shorter to force them to find another yard to hang out in. Get rid of any vegetation that grows quickly, like weeds.
3. Use mosquito repelling plants. There are plants that you can use in your landscaping that will deter mosquitoes. While it won’t eliminate them, it will reduce their numbers and make it harder for them to reproduce. Planting basil can be an excellent way to keep mosquitoes away and is relatively easy to grow. Lemon balm is also effective but invasive and will need to be controlled or you’ll just be creating a place for them to hide. Citronella grass can also be used because citronella has strong mosquito-deterring qualities.
4. Mosquito fog areas of your property. An occasional fogging of yards that are prone to mosquitoes can be effective Fogging areas that are shady or with long grass and shrubs or areas that are 12-15 feet close to human activity can reduce mosquito populations. The chemicals used in fogging need to be used in moderation and in a targeted way. Keep in mind that this only sends mosquito elsewhere. It won’t kill them or prevent them from breeding. These chemicals can be applied with garden sprayer-like equipment. If you’re concerned about doing it yourself, call the professionals.
5. Mosquito repellents. There are devices you can use that will kill mosquitoes on contact. Remember, it’s best to keep them away in the first place but if you need an immediate control then consider using zappers, magnets or mosquito traps. You can always fall back on mosquito-repellent or spray to keep them from biting you because those bites are both annoying and dangerous to your health!

Mosquito Control

If you’ve taken these steps and still find you have too many mosquitoes hanging out in your yard, contact CSI Home & Commercial Services of Virginia for help!