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How to Get Rid of Wasps & Nests in Fredericksburg, VA & Stop Stinging Insects Coming Back

Virginia is no stranger to wasps. They are found throughout the world, reminding everyone who threatens their nests of their existence. With the various stinging pests to into contact with, wasps are a nasty one. Unlike bees, wasps have the ability to deliver painful stings multiply times until the feel threat has been neutralized. We at CSI Home & Commercial Services would like to take the opportunity to discuss the wasps in Virginia.

Wasps Are Aggressive & Have Been Known to Fly in Your Face & Seemingly Sting for No Reason

Wasps can be social or solitary insects and when they belong to colony, they can be fairly aggressive to who or whatever they see as a potential enemy. If you have a problem with a wasp nest on your property, we recommend that you contact a professional to avoid any problems that can ensue. Like bees, their venom can cause allergic reactions and depending on your sensitive can be mild to severe. Throughout Virginia there are two wasps most common in the area; Yellow jackets and Paper Wasps.

Yellow Jackets Wasps

Yellow jackets wasps have thin bodies with a more defined waste in comparison to bees and reach up to 5/8” long. As their name suggests, their appearance is primarily a black body with yellow markings although some species may have white markings instead. Despite the mayhem they can cause, these wasps are actually considered beneficial as they eat and help control the population of beetle grub, flies, and other insects. Yellow jackets are often found scavenging trash and picnic areas looking for fish, meats, and sugary delicacies left over from human gatherings. Yellow Jackets will typically build their nests at ground level. They can be found in wall voids, around or under porches, in sidewalk cracks, and base of trees. Some yellow jacket species will also construct their nests off the corners of buildings, on hanging branches, or in bushes. Because yellow jackets are known to be fierce defenders of their colonies they will aggressively attack any perceived threat, but generally, they are not inclined to pick a fight with people. They are equipped with lance-like stingers that feature small barbs that deliver very painful stings that can also induce allergy symptoms.

Paper Wasps

In North America paper wasps have 22 species that grow to be between 3/4” and up to just over an inch long. They have dark brown bodies with yellow markings and black wings, but their colors can vary. Their nests are very paper like because it is constructed of plant materials and their saliva. Elaborate compartments are built to lay eggs and raise the young within the nests. They build these intricate nests in sheltered areas such as under door frames, eaves of structures, and window sills. Paper wasps aid in pollination by feeding off the nectar as well as feeding a variety of insects to the larvae, controlling populations. Paper wasps can deliver one of the most painful stings among wasps and will do so when they feel in danger or the nest is threatened. Just like yellow jackets, people can find themselves allergic to their stings. Finding their nest and removing it should strictly left to the professionals.

Stinging Insect Removal

If you have any wasps or other stinging insects close to your home or business, contact CSI Home and Commercial Services and let our experts help keep your loved ones safe. Contact us for all your pest control and home inspection needs.