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When is a Mold Inspection, Testing, Assessment, Removal & Remediation Required in Stafford, VA?

Mold is never good to have growing in your home and seeing any of it requires attention. Many types of mold, particularly black mold, can be extremely toxic. As an incredible risk to your health, the toxicity can be incredibly harmful. With the assistance of CSI Home & Commercial Services, our specialists can inspect for mold, test for which type of mold you may have growing in your home and the remediation and today we would like to elaborate.

Mold Removal VS Remediation

Remediation differs from removal when it comes mold. Though some companies offer mold removal, it is not so black and white. Complete mold removal is not feasible because mold exists throughout any natural environment and sanitizing a space to the extent is challenging to say the least. In addition to removing toxic molds such as black mold, mold remediation involves lowering mold within a home or business to acceptable and healthy levels.

Choosing a Mold Remediation Company

Because there are some companies that have good factual information about mold out there to combat all the misinformation and fiction that dominates our industry, selecting the right company is not always forthcoming with the extent of the mold issue. Below are a few tips to take under account when your home is affected by mold.

How Do I Know I Need a Mold Inspection & Testing?

Mold inspections and testing should be a priority when of the below applies to your mold situation.
1) Mold smell. The smell of mold is usually dominant, even if the mold is not visible. Whether there is indeed elevated mold, and where it is located, a mold inspection and mold test can reveal the facts.
2) Water damage. There is a suspicion that elevated mold may exist in the air and/or behind walls, there have been plumbing leaks or water issues.
3) Post mold removal. When mold counts have returned to levels found in normal environments of the same type, Post Mold Removal Clearance Testing can ensure that the previous mold issue has been resolved.
4) Health risks. Though seemingly related to mold symptoms like coughing, sneezing, headaches, and other symptoms of mold exposure and the doctor or the patient that has a health issue where they cannot pinpoint the source. To confirm whether the doctor’s or patient’s suspicions that a mold problem exists a mold inspection is the solution.
5) Real estate. For the protection of buyers and sellers, for real estate transactions; whether there is a mold problem with landlord/tenant disputes; smelling but not seeing mold; or looking to improve the indoor air quality are all a few examples as to when a mold inspection is an ideal solution.

Mold Inspections, Testing, Assessments, Containment, Removal & Remediation

Remediation involves cleaning up existing mold while ensuring to avoid exposure to oneself as well as homeowners. By addressing the moisture source, the prevention new growth. There are levels of remediation that applies to the size of the contaminated area among other factors. Call CSI home & Commercial Services for mold inspection and remediation services if you suspect mold in your Virginia home.