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Types of Cockroaches in Dale City, VA; How to Get Rid of American, German, Oriental & Wood Roaches

When it comes to pests that you have to deal with there are several that seem to invade all year long. One of the pests you should know more about are cockroaches. They often get in the house easily, whether carried as hitchhikers in boxes and bags, along plumbing pipes, under door or window jambs and other ways that can result in an infestation. The fact is that there are several species of cockroaches you might find in your house. Each species has their own unique characteristics that set them apart. You want to have an idea of what types of cockroaches you might see and what you can do to keep them away. Prevention is key when it comes to cockroach control. CSI Home & Commercial Services outlines what types of cockroaches you might see around your home.

Large, Flying American Cockroaches

One of the cockroaches that you might see in your house is an American cockroach. This is a common cockroach that is found invading many homes. They tend to be quite large and can reach over two inches in length. They also are usually a reddish brown colored cockroach that has a symbol on their back that is normally yellow. They are a cockroach that can start off getting in the house and once they are in they will stay. The adults have wings that they can use but they choose to stay on the ground at all costs. They can fly but not very far if they are frightened or scared.

German Cockroach Infestation

The other type of cockroach that you will see very commonly in your home and around your house are German cockroaches. They are a cockroach that enjoys to be in areas that have some moisture. They are a smaller cockroach species that only reaches just under an inch in length. They are a flat pest and the distinguishing marks are two bands that go down their back. They are lighter in color than the American cockroach. They are also found in dark areas such as cardboard boxes and under cupboards. German cockroaches reproduce quickly and infestations are extremely difficult to get rid of without professional intervention from an exterminator.

Oriental Cockroaches

The next type of cockroach that you might see outside your home are called Oriental Cockroaches. They are different that the other ones in terms of looks. They are usually black and shiny and like to stay in dark and moist places. They do not tend to get very large and will be about an inch in length when they are full grown. They do not have any wings but tend to be wider in the middle than other cockroaches.

Wood Roaches

Another type of cockroach that you might see in your house are called a wood cockroach. They are sometimes confused with other cockroaches but they way that they act are different than others. They are small and light brown in color but their legs are spiny which is different than other cockroaches. They tend to congregate in large groups and are not as scared as other roaches. Even if they see you coming, often they will continue to hang around and stay put.

Cockroach Control

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