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Professional Air Quality & Surface Testing Sampling for Mold Spores in Woodbridge, VA

If you have experienced water damage due to accidental flooding or flooding caused by natural disaster your indoor environment may be contaminated with mold spores which may not necessarily be visible to the naked eye. The knowledgeable experts at CSI Home & Commercial Services recommend mold testing to determine if you and your family members are at risk for any potential contamination. There are a number of ways that mold testing can be performed in your home or business including air and surface testing.

How Mold Testing Is Performed in Your Home?

In layman’s terms, mold testing begins with taking a sample of a surface or the air in a specified area. This testing will determine the type of mold present and its ability to multiple within the affected area.
Air Samples: air samples can be collected in a number of ways. One of the most common methods is called a spore trap. The spore trap works by allowing the air to pass through an area with an adhesive which traps the air as it passes through the devise. Any particles contained in the air including mold spores will essentially become trapped. The spore trap is then sent to a lab for testing and analysis. Upon arrival, the spore trap will be opened and the technician will apply a series of stains to identify the types of mold spores, if any found in the air.
Surface Samples: Surface samples can be collected in a number of different ways including: bulk samples, swab samples, and tape samples.
Bulk Samples: a small sample of the surface is removed and packaged to be sent to the lab for testing.
Swab Samples: just as the name implies, swab samples are collected using a swab (similar in appearance to a cotton swab) which can be rubbed in a predetermined area that has been measured beforehand before being sent to the lab for testing
Tape Samples: tape samples can be collected using a piece of tape that is pressed up against a surface to remove and collect particles. The tape is then sealed in a container and sent off for testing and analysis.

Professional Air & Surface Mold Testing

Once the samples arrive at the testing facility they will be transferred onto a glass slide before stain is added to determine the presence of mold and its subsequent growth rate. It is important to remember that once mold is visible to the naked eye it has already established a growth pattern within its life cycle. The key to testing air and surface mold is to determine the presence of microscopic mold spores before the environment and the occupants within are exposed. Air testing is one of the most effective ways to determine whether the presence of mold has spread through the air conditioning system and contaminated numerous areas within the structure. While mold sampling is primarily performed to provide a cross-section of contamination it can also determine which areas will need to be protected against cross-contamination.

Mold Testing & Home Health Services

To learn more about professional mold remediation services, contact the knowledgeable experts at CSI Home & Commercial Services today.