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How to Get Rid of Weeds & Grow Grass in Manassas, VA; Lawn Weed Control Services

There is nothing more beautiful than thick, green turf. Keeping it weed free during the summer can be a battle. Luckily, there are several things that can be done to keep your grass free from the unsightly weeds that tend to grow during the season. CSI Home & Commercial Services is here to share some tips to help you keep your grass weed free this summer.

Garden Weed Prevention

When it comes to the weeds that grow in your lawn, the best time to deal with them is in the early spring and late fall. This allows you to take full advantage of the growing season. Surprisingly, the biggest defense you can have against weeds in your lawn is a thick, healthy turf. If you have a lawn that is full of weeds, it often indicates that there is another issue like nutrient imbalances in the soil. If you are in the process of growing new grass, be sure to purchase high-quality seed that will be free of weeds.

Lawn Weed Control

If you have a little patch here and there where weeds are growing, it can be beneficial to simply dig them out rather than treating your entire lawn. For a heavy infestation, your lawn health should be your first and major concern. For all the weed problems you may face in between, there are several herbicides that can be used to help control the problem.
Pre-Emergent Herbicides– These herbicides work to prevent weed seeds from germinating. They are great for spot treatment during the winter or summer dormant season.
Post Emergent Herbicide– If you miss the window for using pre-emergent herbicides, post emergent herbicide is used to kill weeds that are already actively growing. The herbicide is sucked up by the roots of the plant and effectively kills it.
Selective Herbicides– These are herbicides that are formulated specifically for a certain type of weed. They can be sprayed on other plants that won’t be effected by it because of its formulation.
Non-Selective Herbicides– Non-selective herbicides will kill any plant they come in contact with. They should only be used when you are doing a spot treatment.
Total Vegetation Herbicides– These herbicides will not only kill any plant that they come in contact with, but they will sterilize the ground as well. They should be used very carefully because there will not be anything that can grow there for a certain time after it has been treated.

Proper Herbicide Application Methods

Anytime you are treating your lawn with any type of herbicide, you should be doing so with great caution. These chemicals are strong and can be a danger when they aren’t used properly. Always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully and be sure you are using the right product for your need.

Weed Control & Lawn Care Services

Choosing the right herbicide for your lawn can be tricky. If you are having a difficult time getting your lawn healthy, you can count on the experts at CSI Home & Commercial Services for help. Our experience and training make us the leading choice in lawn care. Call us today!