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How to Get Rid of Common House Mice Rodents in the Walls of Your Stafford, VA Home

Much like the Norway rat, the common house mouse is an old world pest that is believed to have come to America by hitching a ride on trade ships. The house mouse is active all year long but become increasingly more intrusive during the fall and winter seasons. When the cold sets in, and food and water become harder to find, you might begin to see an explosion of mice and rats. CSI Home & Commercial Services of Virginia will share more about the house mouse and how you can help keep them out of your home this winter.

Where Do Mice Live in a House?

The fur of the house mouse is short and can vary from brown, gray and black with a lighter under belly. Both the ears and the tail of a house mouse are hairless. House mice have a relatively large pair of eyes and ears. Despite their name, the house mouse is actually most often found in fields and in high grass areas. They are quite adventurous and like roaming their territory. Being field dwellers, house mice prefer nuts and seeds. However, they will eat just about anything when necessary.

What Attract Mice to a House, Apartment or Business Premises?

When fall sets in, house mice sense the change of seasons and know they will need to find a cozy place with a food source to hide out the winter seasons. This is the time of year when they will be becoming more desperate to invade human domains. Due to the sense of warmth and the smell of food, homes, businesses, and especially restaurants and groceries stores often see house mice attempting to enter their structures. House mice are small and often use gaps under doorways, through piping, and electrical lines to enter into homes and other structures.

How to Seal Entry Points & Prevent Mice

When controlling and preventing house mice from entering your home, you will want to use a cement mixing compound and seal all gaps that are the size of a pen or bigger. Preventing house mice from entering into your home is an important step. This step will also include repairing weather stripping or window screens on doors and windows. The second step in preventing mice is cleanliness. If no food or crumbs are left in places where mice can gain easy access to them, this helps to prevent mice. Additionally, keeping the inside and outside clean and tidy is another popular methods.

Mice Rodent Control & Removal

One pest control method used by professional pest companies is traps. Traps vary from snap traps, poisonous baits to bait and live capture traps along with sticky traps. Professional pest companies know the best and most effective placement of traps. If you’re struggling will a pest invasion, whether it be mice, rats or any other form of pest, contact CSI Home & Commercial Services of Virginia. We provide for seasonal pest control to help you combat each pest your home encounters. Contact CSI Home & Commercial Services of Virginia today!